Five Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Around the internet, you can find loads of methods, tips, and tricks which all promise to help you to enhance your beauty. Of course, though, most of these resources are talking about things which simply mask your existing features, dulling them down to make you look boring. Underneath this, you have a strong natural beauty, and this post is going to be exploring some of the best ways to unlock this for yourself.


  • Improved Diet


Most people don’t realize quite how much the food they eat can alter their appearance. If you’re eating badly all the time, though, the impact will be very severe. Along with making you gain weight, this sort of bad habit can lead to skin imperfections and other things you might not like. To avoid this, a balanced diet should be used, along with loads of water to make sure that your skin has what it needs to stay healthy.


  • Sleep


Along with the food you eat and the water you drink, sleep can also play a huge part in the way you look. When you’re tired, you will naturally look less enthusiastic about things, making it hard to engage with other people. Along with this, your body needs sleep to keep areas like skin and eyes healthy. Without these elements, you will quickly begin to lose your body’s old vibrancy, being left with a tired mess in its place.


  • Lifestyle


Smoking, ignoring exercise, and loads of other parts of your lifestyle can impact the way you look. In most cases, the changes you will see here will be very large, and a lot of people will be happy when they’ve made them. When you’re improving your lifestyle, you should always consider health as your number one priority, as this will impact your appearance more than anything else.


  • Some Little Supplements


Of course, though, you can’t always rely on your body to keep you healthy, even when you give it almost everything it needs. Instead, you might find that a little boost will give you what you need. As you age, for example, a lot of people will want to look into collagen powder, as this will help to keep skin nice and youthful. There are loads of natural products out there like this, and they are all designed to enhance what you already have.


  • Happiness


Finally, it’s time to think about the way you feel, and how this can impact the way people perceive you. Most people are at their most attractive when they are happy. Smiling is arguable the most beautiful facial expression you can pull, and this will be reflected by the way you make others feel. Even if you don’t put time into any other area, it’s still worth considering this part of life, as it will impact much more than just the way you look.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to stop looking for ways to mask yourself, instead relying on the beauty you already have to get you by. With adverts and other online media all advertising new methods to improve your looks, it can be hard to know where to turn. But, of course, this should be nice and easy now you have a solid method to use.


4 Steps to Overcoming Photo Tag Phobia

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Don’t you hate it when someone tags you in a photograph on Facebook? Most of us roll our eyes with dread when that notification appears. We click on the link with trepidation and, more often than not, the results are as bad as we anticipate. We then spend far too long looking at a less than flattering photo and spiraling into self-doubt. It’s not healthy for anyone!

Why is it so awful to see photos like these? For the most part, it’s because they don’t match the idea we hold of ourselves. In comparison, the pictures we choose to upload are carefully timed and selected. They may be taken from our best angle, or in a very staged manner. As such, it’s easy to ensure we look the way we want to.

Those tagged photos, however, are out of our control. They’re often candid shots when we didn’t know the photo was being taken. Even if we were aware, we don’t get the chance to delete the pictures which show us in an unflattering light. As such, a myriad of horrendous photos often appear in our ‘tagged photos’ album. Worse, we can’t untag ourselves without offending.

Seeing as you can’t get rid of the pictures, it’s either time to accept yourself or determine what you hate most in these images. To help, let’s look at a few issues which may be causing your tagged photo phobia.

The winning smile

Everyone knows that a gorgeous smile is essential for looking good in photos. But, feeling self-conscious of your gnashers can ruin your smile in two essential ways. It may be that you avoid smiling altogether because you don’t want to show your teeth. Or, it may be that all you can see in those tagged photos is that chip in your front tooth. Both of these can do real damage to your confidence and your photo appearance. By not smiling, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and come across as hostile. But, showing off your terrible teeth is no way to win the crowd, either. The chances are that, when you take pictures of yourself, you know just how to keep your teeth hidden. But, this isn’t the safe confines of your private selfie sessions. This is the tagging world, and the only choice you have is to tackle those teeth! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment and let your dentist know what bothers you most.

Smooth skin blemishes

Sometimes, those tagged photos show us in a light we never usually see ourselves in. As such, they may throw up skin blemishes that you didn’t even realize the world could see. Perhaps you thought that scar was hidden when you wore that top. Or, maybe you didn’t know your acne was that obvious. Seeing these things laid bare is never easy, but it does give you a chance to rectify the issues.

If your scar is more evident than you thought, embrace it, or find new solutions to lessen the appearance. Certain creams can work wonders on redness and swelling and are sure to make a huge difference. If an issue like acne is at play, it’s time to turn to your skincare routine. By developing an acne prevention skincare routine, you stand to smooth the issue once and for all. The same can be said for issues such as eczema, which often clear up with the right routine. Bear in mind that you’ll need to keep working at this to ensure flare-ups don’t happen again. But, if you see that tagged photo of your bad skin whenever you close your eyes, it’s an effort worth taking.

Reconsider your hair color

It may not seem as apparent as your smile and skin, but your hair also impacts how you see yourself in tagged photos. This is especially the case if you use a brightly colored dye. Red hair, for example, can reflect and change your skin tone. While this isn’t something you’ll see in the mirror, it’s all too obvious when someone tags you in an unsuspecting snap. It may be that your hair is all you see when you look at the picture. Or, it may be that you can’t quite put your finger on what the issue is. In this instance, consider whether a reflection is throwing your skin tone. If yes, does it come from your hair?

In this case, the best thing you can do is consider another color. While many of us don’t think about skin tone when coloring our hair, this is an area worth your attention. Consider which colors would match your tone best. Think about clothes you wear, or which lipsticks suit you best. Then, set about a hair color which flatters more than your current choice.

Revamp your wardrobe

We’re all guilty of neglecting our wardrobe from time to time. Life’s busy. When you’re working full-time, it’s easier to wear comfortable jumpers than think about how you look. Most of us have some smart outfits at the back of the wardrobe somewhere, but they rarely get a look in. And, all this happens without us even noticing.

Which is why it can come as a shock when someone tags you wearing your baggy jumper and scruffy jeans. You may wonder how things came to this, and how you didn’t realize just how large that jumper made you look. We’ve all been there.

Of course, the obvious answer to this issue would be to revamp your wardrobe. This is by far the best of all the problems because it means you can go shopping and buy to your heart’s content. There are worse things in the world. During your shopping trip, try to bring your attention back to flattering clothes. It may help to find out which body shape you have before you go. That way, you can be sure that your new purchases will show off your best assets. Next time you’re tagged, it may not be such a cringe-worthy experience.


Want the Perfect Proposal? Don’t Leave Anything to Chance


Proposals are kind of a strange thing when you think about it. Most of us want them to be a surprise, but the reality is that if your partner proposed without you expecting it at all, you’d be likely to panic and run a mile! If you and your partner are going to get married, then one of the most important things that you need to do is to communicate with each other so that you know that you’re ready. This means that you normally at least have some idea that a proposal is in the cards. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want the perfectly spontaneous proposal, does it? (I told you they were kind of strange.) But getting the right proposal can be pretty tough. In order to make sure that you get the proposal that you really want, here are a few subtle ways that you can avoid leaving things to chance.

Drop Hints

There are a lot of little details that go into a proposal, and you want all of them to be just right. Short of providing your partner with a plan of exactly what they need to do, the best thing that you can do is to drop little hints here are there for them to pick up on. Things like pointing out engagement rings that are in a style that you really like, or perhaps telling them about particularly romantic spots that they could take you to. It can be tough to find the balance between being subtle and getting them to take the hint, but pointing these kinds of things out to them can make their planning of your proposal a whole lot easier.

Express Your Tastes

As wonderful as a proposal can be, if it goes wrong it can be a truly awful experience. If your partner decides to get down on one knee at the wrong moment, then that can completely ruin the whole thing. Make sure that you’re clear with your partner about how you do and do not want to be proposed to. If you’re a private person, then make sure that your partner knows that making some kind of big deal out of their proposal and doing it in front of everyone that you know really isn’t the best way to go about it!

Be Honest With Each Other

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to a proposal is knowing that you’re actually ready for it. Make sure that you and your partner are totally honest with each other and that you both know that you’re ready to take this huge step towards spending the rest of your lives together.

The funny thing is, even if you’ve been surprisingly involved in planning certain aspects of your own proposal, that doesn’t make the moment where it actually happens any less wonderful and magical. When your partner gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with them, that’s always going to be one of the most amazing and romantic moments in all of your lives.