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Overcoming a Difficult Past


Every one of us has our own personal challenges in life we have to deal with. We also all have a past that can affect us in various ways. For some of us, our past is a collection of beautiful memories and gorgeous experiences that we love to return to. For many of us, we have both good and bad sprinkled in, as that’s the usual flow of life. For a few of us, there are terrible issues in our past that we’d like to get over and resolve. While the past shapes each of us and can inform who we are, it’s also perfectly possible to put it away. Why is this? It’s because the present always defines the past, constantly. We always have new perspectives on a situation, and our present perspective is all that actually exists. While the past can place a hold on us, understanding the redemptive power of the present can help us break free from that, or put it in its proper place.

Overcoming a difficult past isn’t so easy to do, however. Sometimes, it can be repeated if you don’t focus on a change. With our tips, learning to put the past away in the healthiest manner possible can be a wonderful effort, and can help you live your best life:


There could be a million thoughts you have about your past, but sometimes you might not have followed the thought thread down a line that leads to any form of personal resolution. This is called ruminating, and it can take as much as it seemingly gives. It can be very easy to torture yourself about decisions made, experiences lived through, and perhaps things you could and should have done. Therapy not only helps you organize your thoughts but to express them in front of an impartial professional. A professional may not even contribute any thoughts to that which you tell them, but simply provide you with the room to release without fear of judgment. This can help you to no end, but there are more intensive potentials on offer if you care for it.

Solving The Root

It can be that a bad past follows you because of the bad habits that seemingly follow you from that time. If you find that bad memories have been caused by your drinking habits, and you have changed as a person but still retain those drinking habits, there is a common denominator that you might wish to change. Heading to a sober living community or at least exercising intense advice from your health professional can help you solve the root, but remember that addiction is a mental illness unlike any other, and sometimes more is needed than simple personal ‘cold turkey.’

Artistic Expression

It can be that writing in a journal, painting, or even dancing can help you express your past, and come to terms with it. Art is ethereal but it can also be very practical in helping us overcome our past and learn to live anew. This is why art therapy is a significant field, and why journals have been proven to help anyone organize their thoughts deeply. With a little care, artistic expression can go a long way, so be sure to respect its power.

With these simple tips, overcoming a difficult past might be more possible than you had already thought.


Laying The Foundations For A Wedding With The Wow Factor: Essential Jobs To Tick Off Your List


When you start wedding planning, you soon realize that there’s a lot to get done. Planning is like a snowball. Once you start jotting down tasks in a notepad, the number of jobs grows by the second, and before you know it, you’ve got a to-do list as long as your limbs. The good news is that once you’ve cracked the priority jobs, you’ll have a framework on which to build. If you’re looking to plan a wedding with serious wow factor, here are some essential jobs to get ticked off that list.

Choosing a venue

Perhaps the most exciting part of wedding planning is choosing a venue. Before you make any bookings or pay a deposit, make sure you’re completely happy with the venue you’ve chosen. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, and you’ve had a vision of banquet halls decked out in floral arrangements and glittering beads in your mind since you were tiny, be open-minded, explore your options, and don’t write anything off. You might find that you change your mind when you actually visit different venues and you get a feel for the location and an insight into the kind of event you could host. Think about your party size, do some research online, and arrange to go and have a look at different venues. Shortlist any that take your fancy and book another viewing. Weigh up the pros and cons, go with your head and your heart, and make a decision based on how you feel, rather than what you think others would prefer. It’s your wedding day.

Sending out save the dates

As soon as you’ve got a date in mind, and you’ve booked your venue, send out those all-important save the dates. The more notice you can give your guests, the better, especially if you have chosen a weekend in the summer or a public holiday. If you’re on a mission to save money, you can notify people via a wedding website, create an event on social media or text or email the information.

Adding your own unique spin

Every couple has a list of jobs to work through, which usually involves organizing transport, ordering a cake, booking caterers, hiring entertainment and of course, choosing outfits for the big day. When you’re tackling these tasks, put your own stamp on your celebration, and add personal touches to make your wedding stand out. Channel your individual taste and style, and don’t be afraid to veer off the traditional route to offer your guests something a little different. From personalized signs, menus, and table names to quirky food choices, dresses with a difference and entertainment that is guaranteed to blow your guests away, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Booking a photographer

If you’ve got your heart set on an incredible wedding photographer, book early. Photographers take bookings months, even years in advance, so start looking as soon as you’ve got a date in mind. Browse portfolios, look for a photographer that specializes in the style of photography you like and arrange some meetings so that you can get a better idea of what to expect.

If you’re in the throes of planning a wedding, you might feel like you’re never going to reach the end of that ever-growing list of jobs. Once you’ve ticked off the essentials, the rest will fall into place, so don’t panic!

Is Your Phone Making You Sick?


Something the vast majority have and take with us everywhere we go, is our phones. It’s very rare you’ll see somebody without a mobile phone, whether they have a traditional phone, or most commonly, a smartphone. Smartphones really are taking over the world, and while they can certainly be helpful, they can also make you sick. At the very least, they can hinder your progress and stop you from living a fulfilling life.

Below, we have some pointers you should keep in mind next time you feel like using your phone at the drop of a hat. Take a look!

Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing With Your Phone

Let’s take a look at the things you shouldn’t be doing with your phone if you want to stay healthy:

Using it when you’re with friends – using your phone with your friends is rude. If you get an important phone call, fine, but you’re basically ‘checking out’ of the physical conversation and letting everybody know that you have something more interesting in front of you.

Mindless scrolling – scrolling mindlessly is something people often do when they are bored or procrastinating. It’s all too easy to get stuck on a site like Facebook (they are designed to keep you stuck there, FYI), and waste hours of your life looking at things you don’t really care about. Be more mindful of when you pick up your phone, how long you scroll, and whether what you’re looking at is actually helping you.

Sleeping with it under your pillow or near your bed – your phone should be as far away from your bed as possible in the morning. Notifications and light from it can hinder your sleep during the night, and it’s too tempting to start scrolling as soon as you wake up – which can get the day off to a pretty rubbish start. Invest in a proper alarm clock instead, if this is what you use it for. Using your phone as an alarm clock can also give you more opportunity to snooze, encouraging unhealthy sleeping patterns.

Just Some Ways Your Phone Can Hinder You

  • Text neck – too much texting with your head bent over can cause pain and permanent damage in some cases.
  • Text claw – your hands can suffer damage from texting and the way you hold your phone.
  • Eye strain – looking at your phone for too long can be damaging to your eyes.
  • Overeating – as phones can mess with our hormones, they can lead to overeating.
  • Overspending – when you see people on Instagram showing off, you might feel more inclined to do the same.

Using Your Phone In A Healthy Way

It’s so important you use your phone in a healthy way. Make sure you have a package that suits your needs, such as one from, and then have set times for checking your phone. Never pick up your phone or go to an app without a good reason – and make sure you think about it for a second first. What are you hoping to achieve or find by picking your phone up right now? This will stop you from getting side tracked.

This is just a few of the ways your phone can hinder you and make you sick. There are far worse horror stories out there, so be smart!