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Planning a Party Which Will Please Your Partner


There are few things more exciting than a surprise party from the person you love. Your partner’s birthday gives you an excellent chance to make them feel like you care for them, with presents, treats, and, of course, a great party to make them feel special. Of course, though, a lot of people struggle to know where to start when they are handling something like this for the person they care about. There are a lot of things mto organize, and you have to handle it all to have a successful day, but this post is here to help you out with it all.

The People

The people you invite to your partner’s party are the most important part of the whole thing. Even if you all just sit around and chat, having the right folks at your event will make your partner very happy. This can include a mix of their best friends, people they haven’t seen for some time, and the family members who will fit in the best at the party. It’s worth letting people know if you want to make this party a surprise, as it can be all too easy to let things slip when you’re not careful, and this will diminish the excitement which everyone will feel as they gear up for the party.

The Entertainment

While some people will choose to simply pop some music on when they decide to host a party, you can do much more to make something like this fun. Hiring entertainers will be expensive, and you may not be able to afford this. Video and party games, musicians, and even things like bowling can make for great fun when you’re hosting a party, and they don’t have to cost too much to get ahold of. Of course, it will make sense to choose entertainment which you know your partner likes, even if you have to go out of your way to find it.

The Venue

Hosting a birthday party at home will be a little bit boring, and a lot of people will want to go down a different route for this. A tent rental company can help you to find a space which will be big enough for all of your guests, but won’t cost a small fortune to get set up with. This will usually be a lot cheaper than renting a building, and will give you far more choice when it comes to the exact location you choose. You need to keep the number of guests you have in mind when you’re choosing something like this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of planning a party which will please your partner. Most people will be happy with whatever you plan for them, but it’s worth working hard to make sure that this will be a day they remember forever.

Ethical Fashion Hacks


If fashion is your thing, but you’re starting to think more about where your clothes come from and what you’re spending your money on, you may be pleased to know that anyone can build a more ethical wardrobe – it doesn’t even have to be expensive!

Here are some cool ethical fashion hacks that will help you create a principled wardrobe on a budget:

Switch to Sustainable Basics

Basics are rarely the most expensive items in any wardrobe, so it makes sense to start with them when you’re looking to build a more ethical look. Sustainable basics including socks, camisoles and underwear are really easy to find – some charities even sell them – and they can help you build a more ethical foundation.

Repair Your Clothes

If you want your wardrobe to be more sustainable, one really simple thing you can do is have your existing clothes repaired or even revamped into a completely new garment, instead of throwing them out when they’re less than perfect. Alterations can be bought cheaply, but if you want to really do something cool, why not invest in a sewing machine and learn how to do your own wardrobe repairs?

Use a Ring Concierge

If you’re a bit of a jewelry junkie but you’re worried about blood diamonds and other unethical practices in the industry, hiring a ring concierge who will source pieces that are not only conflict-free but good for the planet and even recycled can be a great idea. By doing this, you’ll be able to look at your special sparkles and know that there is nothing that could ever taint them.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Some ethical brands can be expensive, but that’s because they pay a fair wage to their employees and because they source less harmful textiles and dying techniques, for example than the average clothing brand. They put in the effort, so instead of avoiding them because they cost more, why not aim to buy quality over quantity instead. Buy pieces that can be used to build a capsule wardrobe and you won’t need as many clothes, but you will always look great and you’ll be able to hold your ethical head high.

Thrift Stores

Want to be really ethical and really not spend a lot of money? Hit the local thrift stores. Not only will you not be adding to your carbon footprint by buying new, but you’ll also find lots of one-off pieces that you won’t be able to get elsewhere, which means you’ll be able to create a totally unique wardrobe that will be the envy of all your friends.

Rent It

If you really love a piece that’s really expensive and really not the most ethical, why not rent it instead. The garment may not have been made in the most ethical way, but renting it and lowering your carbon footprint is certainly ethical, and it’ll be great for your wallet too.

Being ethical in your fashion choices is easier than you can think. Think carefully, buy sparingly and look after the clothes you have for an ethical wardrobe that will be the envy of everyone.

8 Quick and Easy Tricks That Can Make Your Look MOTD Lovelier


So, you already know the fundamentals of proper makeup application. You know that a primer boosts the longevity of your look, and you need to take your time in blending your foundation and concealer. 

When you are feeling adventurous, you experiment with vibrant eyeshadow and lipstick colors. And you may have already tried cobalt blue or bright coral eyeliners for your cat-eye.

That’s great. However, there are still a few other ways that you can be more playful with makeup to make your look stand out. Here are eight quick and easy tricks to do just that.

1. Use creamy peach eyeliner on the lower waterline.

This is one trick that works to create the illusion of bigger eyes without looking too ’70s retro. A creamy peach eyeliner on the lower waterline can also make your eyes seem brighter. Plus, it can make the eyeshadow you brush underneath your lower lashes pop even more.

2. Highlight under the lashes.

If you have never tried using any highlighting product under your lower lash line, give this a try. This is all the rage in Korean and Japanese makeup because it can make the eyes more doll-like and awake. You can even use a subtle liquid glitter liner for additional sparkle.

3. Inner eye corner sparkle.

Dabbing the inner eye area with a light shimmery shadow is a fantastic way to draw attention to your eyes. Whether you have an elaborate MOTD on or a natural no-makeup look, adding a little sparkle to that area can make your eyes pop. There’s nothing much to it, just brush a bit of highlighting color on the spot and blend the edges for a pretty glow.

4. Apply concealer over and under the brows.

When you have drawn your eyebrows, polish them up by applying concealer over and under them to fully define their shape. Work with a cream concealer and a brush to clean up the edges and make the lines sharp. Do this before applying eyeshadow to prevent muddying up your eye look.

5. Clean your mascara spoolie before using it.

To separate your lashes more effectively so building up for volume will not result in a clumpy mess, use the makeup school trick. Clean the mascara spoolie with a cleansing wet wipe before dipping it again in the mascara bottle for application. This will get rid of product buildup between the bristles that make combing through the lashes less effective and inefficient.

6. Use pink or peach lipstick as blush for a fresh face.

If you gravitate toward the faux all-natural look, use pink or peach lipstick as blush. After applying the protective base for your face, place three dots of the lipstick on the high points of your cheeks, and blend with your ring finger. This will create a subtle flush that naturally becomes more opaque when your skin heats up.

Extra tip: If you want a sunkissed flush, dab your nose bridge with the lipstick color as well and lightly connect it to the blush on your cheeks.

7. Apply highlight color at the center of your lower lip.

If you want your lips to look juicy and plump, dab a bit of highlight powder on your lipsticked lower lip. This glow from the highlighter creates the illusion of added dimension to your puckers. Here’s a quick guide on the best highlight colors for certain hues of lipstick:

  • Cool red – periwinkle or silvery-blue highlighter
  • Warm red and peachy corals – cream or light yellow highlighter
  • Mauves and plums – lilac or light taupe highlighter
  • Browns – champagne or beige-gold highlighter

8. Highlight your Cupid’s bow and the center of your lower lipline.

This trick is an excellent way to define the shape of your lips even more while also giving them a plumper appearance. Using your ring finger, sweep your face highlight on these areas and diffuse the color by blending it outwards.


There is no limit to the creative possibilities with makeup. As you experiment with it even more, for sure, you will find new and fun ways to elevate your makeup looks further. 

And, if you want tried-and-tested professional tips, you can always sign up for a professional makeup artist course. The course will cover all the unique ways top makeup professionals achieve stunning looks every single time.



Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.