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3 Steps To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer


Here’s the terrifying thing about cancer. It’s unpredictable, and any one of us could fall prey to the disease in one form or another. Chances are, you may have already experienced cancer on a personal level, perhaps in yourself or through a friend or family member. However, it is preventable. While we can never rule the risk of cancer out entirely, there are steps you can take to both reduce your cancer risk and beat the disease.

Step #1: Go for your cancer screenings

Your doctor might remind you to go for your screenings in advance, but if not, you should still book an appointment. Examples of screening tests include mammography for breast cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, and a colonoscopy for colon cancer. You should especially make the effort to talk to your doctor about a cancer screening if you experience any of these common symptoms. Even if you don’t have the disease, having the relevant screenings will give you the peace of mind that you’re okay.

However, if the unthinkable happens, and you do have cancer, by getting screened, the cancer may have been detected early enough for it to be managed. While the disease can’t be fully cured, there are drugs available that can send it into remission. Topotecan, Inspire tells us, is one such drug that can control or kill cancer cells.

So, if you haven’t been for your cancer screenings recently, arrange an appointment with your doctor. When it comes to reducing your risk of cancer or minimizing the effects of the disease, this is your best course of action. Don’t delay!

Step #2: Live a healthy lifestyle

If you needed to change your approach to health this year, let it be this one. The better habits you create, the lower your risk of developing cancer.

Regular exercise can lower the risk of certain types of cancer, including colon, prostate and breast cancers. Experts suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day, so find ways to be active, be that spending more time walking instead of using the car, and/or by taking part in some kind of fitness activity, such as running, cycling, or working out at home.

You should also commit to a healthier diet. Certain foods can lower your risk of cancer, and as stated in this article by Healthline, these include citrus fruits, fatty fish, and (love it or hate it) broccoli! Make an effort to incorporate them into your diet then; as while you might not love every item in the linked article, you will be doing your long-term health a lot of good if you partake in a few. Hint: create a soup or a smoothie with those cancer-beating foods that you might not enjoy eating whole.

Step #3: Cut out your bad habits

As part of the previous step, you should also cut out anything that will increase the risk of cancer. Unsurprisingly, this includes smoking tobacco, which according to cancer charities is still the leading cause of cancer. An excessive intake of alcohol can also increase the risk of certain types of cancer, including throat, colon, and breast cancers. And certain foods you eat can also increase your risk of the disease. Check out this article to find out more.

While we know it isn’t easy to give up certain bad habits, you should make the effort for the sake of your health. Speak to your doctor for professional advice if you need help in quitting your worst vices.


Statistics tell us that 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer in our lifetimes, and 1 in 4 will die of the disease. This is frightening, we know, but you don’t have to be part of those statistics. Follow our suggestions then, and improve your chances of a longer, and healthier life.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding


It’s always a privilege to have made it onto the guest list and to be invited to someone else’s wedding to share in the happiness of their special day. While adults will love carefully choosing their wedding guest outfits, getting ready and watching two people they care about entering into a marriage, for young children, a wedding day can seem like a long day.

If you’re currently planning your wedding and want to make sure that it’s fun for the kids too, there are lots of easy ways to ensure that even your youngest wedding guests have a fantastic time.

Table Activities

It’s common for young children to become restless at the wedding breakfast and find it hard to stay still during the speeches. Why not place an activity pack at the place setting for each child on your guest list to keep them entertained. Kids activity packs don’t need to be expensive, simple items such as sticker books, colouring and card games are popular choices to keep little ones amused. It is also possible to buy wedding-themed activity packs online these are great for slightly older kids, and feature activities such as wedding themed word searches, dot to dots, and I spy games.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are great entertainment for all ages, and are a great addition to any wedding reception, whether there are kids there or not! Purchasing a photo booth backdrop from a company such as The Backdrop Lab means that your photo booth experience will be a unique one and can match your wedding theme.

Kids will love to spend time posing for pictures in front of the backdrop, and it’s also a great way to grab some fun family photos at the wedding too.


If you would like to give kids some freedom to play at the wedding, then hiring in a specialist mobile wedding creche would be a great idea. A mobile creche comes complete with staff, books, toys and games to keep the children happy. A creche may be useful for keeping kids entertained during the wedding service itself. If you are planning to use a creche service, don’t forget to check that all staff are qualified, insured and have had the relevant checks needed to ensure that they are suitable to work with children.

Garden Games

Garden games are heaps of fun and an excellent way for both the adults and kids to spend time having fun together on the wedding day. Kids will love being outside in the fresh air to let off a little steam and stretch their legs.

From croquet to giant chess, garden games make for perfect natural unstaged photo opportunities to effortlessly capture the happiness of your day.

Children’s Entertainer

There are some fantastic children’s entertainers out there that would be great for adding an extra element of fun for kids to your big day. From puppeteers to magicians there are plenty of choices of children’s entertainer available that will wow the kids and keep them thoroughly entertained.


Winter Wedding Wonderland


In the USA and Canada, Spring and early Summer are the most popular time to throw a romantic wedding party. Most couples prefer warm months such as May and June over July and August which can sometimes be too hot for an outdoor ceremony. September is a popular month also with plenty of glorious warm and earthy tones for your wedding pictures. But when it comes to the period between November and February, winter weddings are less popular. For many, the obvious reason is the weather. It can feel extremely uncomfortable to plan and prepare a party with guests when you’re worried about ruining your dress in the mud or trying to hold on to your tiara in a gulf of wind. However, there are plenty of excellent reasons why a winter wedding can be a wonderful celebration.

Why you should consider a winter wedding: Amazing venue

Who says winter says winter landscapes, and where best to admire mesmerizing and raw sceneries than in Iceland, the country where snow, volcanoes and fairies are said to live in perfect harmony? Admittedly, nobody is suggesting you should plan it all yourself; instead get in touch with professionals such as You want someone who understands the diversity of this rugged island to make the best of your big day.  

Stop a moment and think of your winter jewelry

Your wedding jewelry is an essential part of your bridal outfit. But, when comes winter fashion, you can make the most of your necklace, pendant, and earrings to add a touch of glamour to your warm gown – let’s be honest, if you’re getting married in Iceland in winter, you’re likely to be looking for bridal wear that is suitable for the location. Consequently, you can go over the top with statement jewelry to add a new sense of femininity to your outfit. Creamy white and pale blue shades are a winner in winter as they remain of snowflakes.

Seriously, is there a better season to eat cakes?

Who says wedding says cakes, right? Every wedding party will have its cake, but when you’re planning a winter ceremony, you can remember the golden rule of the cold months: You’re allowed a few extra calories to help your body stay warm. Consequently, if you’re a cake lover, you’ll adore the idea of a slice of sweet gorgeousness in the Winterland colours – see –  with none of the guilt. Admittedly, the guilt might creep up on you after your third slice, but in the meantime, you can ask for something decadent without feeling out of place.

Your advantage as a body-conscious bride

Every bride is beautiful. But most of them feel the need to sign up with a personal trainer and nutritionist to boost their body confidence ahead of the big day. The truth is that brides shouldn’t feel they have to lose weight for their wedding. But, bridal fashion can make it difficult to feel pretty in your dream dress; as the trend is to figure-hugging and revealing outfits. With a winter wedding, you’ve got the perfect excuse for beautiful and body-covering bridal gowns that make you feel good about yourself.

Winter weddings may not be the most popular choices, but they can combine the best of romance in wonderful landscapes with the touch of comfort and fun you need from the choice of your favourite cake to a sleeved-gown to die for.