Beauty Review

Holiday Gifting with Fresh and Burt’s Bees


Are you still shopping for those last minute gift ideas or those add on stocking stuffers? Fret not my dear friends, for Fresh Beauty and Burt’s Bees have come to the rescue. So many amazing beauty brands have really stepped up their game this holiday season with creative and clever gift sets for your one-stop-shop ideal gifts. I tried some out over the past few weeks leading up to the gifting season so that I can make a few suggestions for your holiday stress-relief.

Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart always do well with the holiday gifting. This season Sephora and Fresh Beauty have created some wonderful gift packs that include everything you might want, from beauty-junkie all the way to newbie. For those perfect last minute add-ons I picked up the Fresh Pretty in Pink Lip Gift which I then separated into three to add to my friends gifts. That’s $30 for the pack and separated to $10 per add-on gift that way. If you’ve never used the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment’s before then I’ll have you know they are life savers. This time of year my lips can’t handle the dryness of lipsticks so this is the perfect alternative of a conditioning lip treatment with various tinted shades for all skin tones and preferences.  (more…)

Glossier The Balm Dotcom

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.29.03 PM.png

I’m really picky when it comes to my lip balm. As a serial lip biter and constant bearer of split and chapped lips I’m always desperate to find the best thing. I don’t like too minty, I don’t like having to stick my finger in a “pot” type of contraption. So it’s hard to find something semi- in between. That is….until now.

I recently visited The Glossier pop-up shop in Toronto which I wrote about here. I’d never tried any of the products before so I grabbed a few, including the well talked about Balm Dotcalm Universal Skin Salve. It reminds me of the Dr. Paw Paw original ointment but with the countless numbers of scents and flavours, the Balm Dotcom really pulls ahead. It’s the perfect combination of “stick” and “finger” kind of application and it the perfect thickness without being greasy. I totally told my fiance that I loved it more than him……Yup. I went there.

In my recent unemployment (stay tuned for an update on that bombshell) I’ve taken a three month seasonal job at Chapters and I’ve never worked anywhere so drying! Aisles and aisles of books is amazing until I have chapped hands and bleeding lips. The Balm Dotcom has been in my back pocket all day every day. I really can’t say enough about it!

I’m looking forward to ordering more! They come in a three pack called the Trio! Check it out. Hundy-P worth it I promise you.


L’Oreal Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil


We all know my love of the Una Brennan Super Facialist. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it. The cleansing power of an oil was completely lost on me before hand. How does an oil clean? Wouldn’t it do just the opposite? But no matter how strong my love of this amazing face oil ran, I couldn’t get over my hatred for the packaging. I constantly had a sticky film of oil stuck to my bathroom counter and the bottle just got nasty and dirty with oil stuck all over.

I even tried to find my own bottle to put it in but nothing quite worked. Alas, I started searching for a new face oil that was packaged as I’d like. I searched high and low and finally landed upon the L’Oreal Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil which comes with a small pump attached to the bottle. So much better!!!!! It’s a thinner oil and comes to a lather more quickly than other oils I’ve used before. It’s travel friendly, which is a plus. No oils spilling in my bag!!

I think I’m still partial to the Superfacialist. So maybe I’ll keep this bottle and transfer a new Superfacialist into it when I’m done. SIGH packaging can really make or break an amazing product and I’m sorry to say I think Una Brennan got it wrong here. I’m still a huge fan though.

Which are your favourite cleansing oils?