DIY Report

Homemade Jalapeño Poppers!


It’s incredibly rare for me to find something easy to make that is a hit every time I make it. I’m always so self conscious about my mediocre cooking and my countless failed Pinterest attempts when it comes to parties, potlucks or dinner hosting. Friends, you’ve all experienced this first-hand, so you know what I mean. Heck, most of the time I have to Google how to boil and egg!!! (Okay I’m not really that bad….I just always forget the perfect timing). So when a friend of mine made me the most amazingly easy and delicious Jalapeño Poppers I knew it was something I could make and I WAS RIGHT!! They’re super easy and oh so delicious. And certainly a crowd pleaser at any event I’ve ever brought them to.

The original recipe comes from the blog Spend With Pennies, but my best friend Jessica put her own little twist on them which I think is even better; replace the ‘egg roll wrappers’ for ‘spring roll wrappers’. I think the texture is much better! You can also bake them rather than fry them for a bit of a healthier option. Spring roll wrappers are quite tricky to work with though, so you need to make sure you read all instructions and have everything prepared and on-hand before you open the package and start wrapping. Keep them moist with a wet paper towel on top and keep a small bowl of water on hand to keep your finger tips wet too. Then roll away!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.57.01 PM

A few friends of mine think that the spice level is a bit too high, so you can adjust the amount of pickled Jalapeños accordingly. Yet either way they are a total hit with dinner party crowds! What are your favourite recipes?



My Favourite Overnight Oats


Overnight oats always seemed like a bit of a weird fad to me. My Pinterest feed would be full of these goopy looking, watery breakfasts that really looked unappetizing. But when my mom convinced me to try the simplest overnight oats recipe there was no turning back. It’s so simple and making it the night before ensures that I actually eat breakfast, an important meal that I skip more often then not.

I like to use a small mason jar, and I simple mix all the ingredients together and give it a good shake! Leave it in the fridge overnight and grab it on your way to work! It’s super delicious cold, room temperature, or even hot! I like it at rom temperature. Like a good ‘ol bowl of cereal! There are so many easy and adventurous recipes to be found and now that I’ve dipped my toes into the easy-peasy world of Overnight Oats I can’t wait to try lots more!

Here’s my recipe:

1/2 Cup of Oats

1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tsp Honey

and desired amount of frozen blueberries

The other great thing about it, besides it’s amazing simple-ness, is the fact that it’s only about 200 calories and keeps me super full for hours! Share your overnight oat recipes. What are your favourite?

Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for Solo Travel

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.48.26 PM.png

Travelling by yourself can be a scary and nerve-wracking experience. Especially if you’ve never experienced it before. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Waiting for someone to go with you or forgetting about your dreams altogether can be frustrating. While it’s wonderful to share a the experience of travel with someone, Solo Travel can help you learn more about yourself and make you a more confident, independent person. So if you’re considering travelling around the world by yourself, here are some top tips to help you get yourself organised and prepared.

Practice being by yourself

If you’ve always had the comfort of your parents or a partner with you when travelling previously, you need to practise being alone before you go. This will make the whole experience less of a shock when you leave. Go to a theme park, coffee shop or cinema where you are not likely to bump into anybody you know. Pick a location and work out how you are going to get there and how much money you need. Treat this as a test run before the real thing and imagine the cinema or zoo is in another country. Spark up conversations with people in queues and ask for help from the staff. This is something you will have to do when travelling so it’s better to get your nervousness out of the way sooner rather than later. Avoid texting or calling your family and friends unless you get really stuck. This will make the experience more authentic and teach you how to solve problems yourself.

Don’t listen to negative comments

Travelling by yourself, particularly if you are a young woman can seem like a strange thing to do to some people. Your family and friends may voice their concerns when you tell them about your travel plans. But don’t let their negativity put a downer on your trip. It’s likely that they are just looking out for you and want you to be safe. You too may be worried about how to keep yourself safe when in a foreign country. You can book your trip with holiday groups that cater to solo travellers. This will not only put your loved one’s mind at rest but can also make you feel more at ease too. You can also go to solo travel forums to ask for tips and advice when travelling to certain countries and cities. When visiting somewhere new, it’s easy to end up in the wrong part of town and make yourself vulnerable. So having this advice and guidance from fellow travellers will make it easier for you to know where to go and where to avoid.

Plan everything in advance

You might be trying to introduce more spontaneity into your life, but this could be dangerous and unwise when travelling alone. Not having your accommodation booked or knowing how to get there could result in you getting lost and with no bed for the night. To avoid making yourself vulnerable and an easy target for thieves, plan everything in advance. Not only will this make your trip far less stressful and it could also save you money. Booking hotels in advance can often get you a reduced price and transport services will often have deals online to attract business. Again, if you book your trip with a holiday group, they will often organise transportation to your hotel on coaches or mini buses. This will give you one less thing to worry about and give you a chance to talk to other solo travellers. If your accommodation is within walking distance of the train station or airport, have a map prepared that gives up to date directions. Don’t use the maps on your phone as this again, could make you a target.

Have some entertainment for quieter times

For the moments when you are travelling or alone, make sure you have a source of entertainment with you. Journals are ideal as they can document your adventures with drawings and help you reflect on your time away. Kindles with unlimited books are also fantastic for times when you’re eating alone and have no TV available in your hotel. Also, consider taking an adult colouring book to help you relax and get creative after a long day of travelling. Knowing where local internet cafes and free wifi will also be useful if you want to check your social media and upload photographs.


With these tips to help you, you’ll feel more prepared and more in control of your trip. It can seem like a scary prospect, but be smart and safe and you’ll enjoy every second of it.