DIY Report

Do A Full Beauty Treatment On A Dime

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Do you want to look stunning, truly stunning? Then you probably have your sights set on a lot of expensive beauty treatments that promise all fantastic results. The good news is that in most cases the luxury products will deliver. If you spend money on advanced anti ageing moisturiser, don’t believe the naysayers. It is going to make you look ten years younger. But is there another option for people who don’t have the money to spend on these beauty products. As it turns out there are a few ways you can improve your look without expert treatment.

Natural Oils

If you want thicker, fuller hair that looks radiant and glistens in the morning sun, you need to start using bamboo oil. Natural bamboo oil can be found on the market at low prices and it will do wonders for your hair. Research shows that the oils present in bamboo actually strengthens hair cuticles. This can make your hair healthier and even fix damaged hair that has been affected by either heat or dye. As such, it’s a great way to get your hair looking beautiful once more for a cost anyone can afford.

Those Pearly Whites

Are your teeth looking a little dull and maybe a shade too yellow? If they are, you might be thinking about using an expensive teeth whitening treatment. But why bother when there are home treatments that work just as well. If you want brighter whiter teeth check out Teeth Whitening At Home Tips or a similar help website. They have some great advice on the affordable DIY teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. Or alternatively, you can create a treatment yourself. You can add lemon juice to baking soda to form a paste. Once put over your teeth, it removes the plaque that has built up over them. After a few ‘treatments’ you will see noticeable differences with the shade of your teeth.


Do you have blotchy or greasy skin? If that’s the case, you might be considering going to a sauna. Many people are aware that the minerals in saunas cleanse and clear the skin leading to a more beautiful complexion. Of course, if you don’t have money to go to a sauna, you can get the same type of effect by using boiling water. With boiling water, it is possible to create the same effect as a sauna by putting a towel over your head to catch the hot air. You should spend ten minutes doing this and again within a few days, you’ll see a change. It can work wonders for people with skin problems like acne.

Make Your Own Face Mask

Rather than buy an expensive face mask you can make your own, using ingredients that are easy to find online. You can use oatmeal as a base and then add useful minerals and nutrients for the skin. Again, this can clear up the skin beautifully or make you look younger. The best part is that most of the ingredients that you need are probably already in the cupboards of your home.

I hope you see now that looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can do it on a dime!


Learning Calligraphy

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I’ve always been a crafty, DIY kind of person. You know I love my knitting and all them good ol’ colouring books. But I’ve never actually been very good at any of it. I try my best to pass the time with these hobbies, but have never excelled. Until I recently found a hobby that I quite like. So I decided it was time to get serious and take some lessons to truly excel.

I bought tickets for lessons with The Calligraphy Workshop from Eventbrite, held at the Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. It was an amazing three hour class where we diligently and carefully learned and went through the entire alphabet in modern calligraphy, both lower case and upper case. It sounds tedious, but it was awesome!! I’ve been trying on my own for a few months and was so incredibly pleased to really get a hang of it.  Calligraphy is a skill that can be self-taught, but there are certain flourishes that I could never seem to get on my own. Nadeena at the Calligraphy Workshop truly helped with that and I’m so happy to finally see some progress in my daily practicing!

I wanted to learn to address the envelopes for my upcoming wedding invitations (#corleen2018 on instagram), but hopefully with more practice I can also turn it into a skill that I can do for others too! I’d love to be able to bring beautiful lettering to other peoples lives as well!

Practice, practice, practice!! What do you think?


Homemade Jalapeño Poppers!


It’s incredibly rare for me to find something easy to make that is a hit every time I make it. I’m always so self conscious about my mediocre cooking and my countless failed Pinterest attempts when it comes to parties, potlucks or dinner hosting. Friends, you’ve all experienced this first-hand, so you know what I mean. Heck, most of the time I have to Google how to boil and egg!!! (Okay I’m not really that bad….I just always forget the perfect timing). So when a friend of mine made me the most amazingly easy and delicious Jalapeño Poppers I knew it was something I could make and I WAS RIGHT!! They’re super easy and oh so delicious. And certainly a crowd pleaser at any event I’ve ever brought them to.

The original recipe comes from the blog Spend With Pennies, but my best friend Jessica put her own little twist on them which I think is even better; replace the ‘egg roll wrappers’ for ‘spring roll wrappers’. I think the texture is much better! You can also bake them rather than fry them for a bit of a healthier option. Spring roll wrappers are quite tricky to work with though, so you need to make sure you read all instructions and have everything prepared and on-hand before you open the package and start wrapping. Keep them moist with a wet paper towel on top and keep a small bowl of water on hand to keep your finger tips wet too. Then roll away!

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A few friends of mine think that the spice level is a bit too high, so you can adjust the amount of pickled Jalapeños accordingly. Yet either way they are a total hit with dinner party crowds! What are your favourite recipes?