How to Plan the Best Birthday Bash!

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Birthday parties can sometimes be a bit of a conundrum. Of course you want your loved one to have the best time ever – but how exactly do you go about that? Here are some tips to help you…

Pick A Theme

A themed party often makes it a whole lot easier when it comes to picking out decor. If you’re in a party store then you might be overwhelmed by just how much there is, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you don’t get too messy by picking out a certain theme. It doesn’t have to be anything overly specific – your guests might not want to dress up as sea creatures or Disney princes, after all – but going for a couple of colours or something that your loved one enjoys like football, rock music or the beach will help you decide how to decorate your venue.

Go For Easy Food

Of course the food you choose should depend on what sort of party it is, but unless there are plenty of chairs and tables and places to sit down then it’s always a good idea to focus on finger food like pizza slices, miniature hot dogs, sliders and sandwiches – or hors d’oeuvres if you’re feeling a little more fancy than that! If you aren’t a great cook then it’s a good idea to hire catering specialists to make the whole day a little easier on yourself. But remember that you can always pick out the cake yourself!

Consider Your Loved One’s Preferences

Even if you’re the sort of person who absolutely loves to be the centre of attention it’s important to remember that not everyone feels the same – in fact, considering the preferences of the person whose birthday it is are absolutely key to making it a good night for everyone. If they don’t like to be looked at by a lot of people then they probably won’t enjoy having to open all their gifts in front of everyone, but if they love to be the centre of everyone’s focus then you could get them to prepare a little speech to thank all their guests for coming. Focusing on what your loved one wants is the best way to having a perfect party.

Go For A Playlist

A lot of people think that they need to hire a DJ to have a party worth remembering but that isn’t actually true at all. In fact, a lot of the time DJs play music that you might not really love – no one wants to hear five hours of thumping techno or sappy pop music that no one there actually likes. If you make your own playlist then you get to control the music yourself – and you also get to skip or add songs depending on what the general mood of the room is. It means that you can add your loved one’s favourite songs by their favourite musicians, songs from your high school or college days or whenever you met, and skip any of the current stuff that you just aren’t into. Creating your own playlist is the perfect way to dance the night away.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

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Whoever came up with the idea of going on holiday after your wedding should get more recognition. Since you’ve just organized an entire party in your own honor, a holiday may seem rather indulgent. However, those people do not understand just how stressful wedding planning can be. Firstly, it costs a lot of money and for most people, that means saving over the course of their engagement. Secondly, you then have to organize everything from the church and the legal side of the wedding itself, to the venue, caterers, musicians and of course a bartender (or two). Incidentally, the term ‘honeymoon’ refers to a honey-based alcoholic mead that newlyweds would drink in the first ‘moon’ or month of their marriage. The tradition of drinking at weddings goes back a long way. There is also all of the personal things like what you’re going to wear. In short, a honeymoon is nothing less that what a newlywed couple deserve. Deciding exactly how you’re going to start your new life can be tougher than you may think though. It is the first major decision that you and your beloved have to make together, and that may mean that you have to compromise. However, there is no reason that you cannot do it style. Here are a few tips for the perfect honeymoon:

One of the difficult things about any holiday is that the flight can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if you go during the summer. You could find yourself spending a long time trudging through security to then be hemmed in with lots of other tired, fractious people. The better alternative is private jet rentals. It may sound expensive, but if you hire a small plane, the expense is more modest. Besides, you are only going to get married once (hopefully) so why not indulge yourself?

As for the destination, there are lots of places that are specifically marketed towards newlyweds but they are probably not going to be that interesting for exactly that reason. As the American poet Gregory Corso said: ‘Niagara Falls! Hordes of us! Husbands! Wives! Flowers! Chocolates!/ All streaming into cozy hotels’. Your honeymoon is supposed to be unique and having the same experiences and photos as lots of other couples is rather dull. Why not go somewhere that may not seem like it’s a typical honeymoon destination like Eastern Europe? It is rich in history and culture and relative to a lot of other places, not nearly as expensive. Alternatively, why not make your honeymoon a cause for a celebration that others can join in; there are many opportunities to do charity work around the world, and you can guarantee that your experience will be like no other that your friends can boast.

Wherever you go, there are some things that you must take. A camera is an obvious one since you will want to show all your photos to your family and friends when you get back, but why not take a scrapbook or a journal too? Memories can fade and photos only show a single static moment in an experience. If you record your thoughts and impressions too, you can keep a more personal, beautiful record of the start of the rest of your life.

Little Habits for Massive Savings

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If you’re that one friend in your group who never seems to have enough money, it can be very frustrating to ponder how you ended up in this situation. Saving money and spending wisely comes more naturally to some people more than others. If you’re not one of those people, and you’re sick of burning through your paycheque before everybody else, you don’t have to go on suffering like this! Here, we’ll look at some of the best habits to adopt when you’re trying to save more money. If you can make these a part of your day to day life, you’ll shed a huge amount of stress, and have much more money to play with!

Automate your Savings

One of the best financial habits anyone can adopt is automating their savings. If you have savings targets, but you know you lack the self-discipline to stick to them on your own initiative, get on your online banking set up an automatic transfer for a certain amount of money to your savings account to happen every pay day. If you never see that money in your main account, it will never cross your mind to spend it; simple as that! Sure, you’ll still be broke by the time your next payday rolls around, but this way, you’ll be broke with a financial cushion to fall back on if needs be. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little money out when you’re getting to the end of the month, just so long as your savings are still going up with each payday.

Have a Written Budget

By creating a personal budget, you’ll make yourself aware of exactly how much money is coming in and going out of your possession. You’ll also be able to allocate a certain amount to each kind of expense, giving you more confidence when you spend money on pretty much anything, and minimizing the risk of frivolous purchases that you’ll wind up regretting later. You may have to cut back on some of the little treats and luxuries in life, true. However, this can be a good thing, as it motivates you to look for resources for saving such as this site: https://www.couponsherpa.com/amazon/. Many people who feel like they never have enough money to save or spend on recreation can be amazed at how much easier it is once you have a clear view to where all your money is going. No matter how much money you’re working with, setting yourself a personal budget is extremely empowering.

Discover Generic Brands

Tending towards generic, store-owned brands is another great way to penny-pinch when you feel your personal cash flow is out of control. Sure, there are going to be certain brands that you simply can’t replace. There’s never been a supermarket brand of cola that measures up to real Coke! However, when it comes to toiletries, medicines, cleaning products and many types of food, there’s often very little difference between branded products and cheaper, generic alternatives. The next time you’re doing a big grocery shop, make a point to replace some of your usual choices with cheap, generic brands. By shopping around more like this, you’ll rack up some huge savings over time, and may even open your eyes to some favorites you never knew about before!

Avoid Payment Plans

Payment plans seem to be everywhere these days, and they’ve punched some major holes in the bank accounts of countless impatient consumers. If you’ve been guilty of this at some point, always paying up-front and avoiding any payment plans could be the habit that turns your financial situation around. The only real exceptions to this are paying for education, buying property, or a similar big purchase like a car. For pretty much everything else, you need to avoid finance and payment plans like the plague! Sure, the rates some companies offer are fantastic, but you never know what’s going to happen in the future. By tying yourself into a payment plan, you’re pretty much betting on the fact that your finances will stay exactly the same as they are, and you’ll be able to afford the installments with relative ease and comfort. This can backfire massively, so avoid payment plans wherever you can.

Use Cash or Direct Debit

Another financial habit that most people can benefit from is waving goodbye to their credit card. If you’re a big spender, this might sound like complete heresy. However, if you’re serious about wanting to save and ensuring a stable financial future, this particular habit is extremely important. True, if you’re already good with money, using a credit card and paying it off each month may turn out really well for you. However, if this is the case, you’re probably not reading this article! If you know your spending habits get the better of you, leave the plastic at home, and save it for instances where you genuinely need it. Instead, set yourself a budget, and get that amount of cash out. When paper money is gone, it’s gone. If you’ve already got a considerable credit card debt hanging over your personal finances, you can read some great tips for wiping it here: http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/.

Pack your Lunches

There may be some gorgeous food outlets in the city where you work, but if you get into the habit of making your own lunches and taking them to work with you, you can save a small fortune in a fairly short space of time. Buying lunch out can make us feel pretty good, but it can also create a considerable strain on our finances. Obviously, with all the other tips, you’ll still be able to comfortably afford eating out here and there. However, you should at least try to make this few and far between, and think of it more as a treat that you can look forward to, rather than a part of the routine. When Friday finally comes around, that sushi platter will taste so much more satisfying than if it was your fifth that week!