Style Guide

Autumn 2017 Wishlist

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Slowly getting back into writing and fashion seeing as I’m no longer bogged down in work and wearing a uniform all day everyday. Time for a fresh starts in all aspects and therefore time for a new wardrobe. Perfect timing seeing as it’s the beginning of my favourite season!! What kind of styles are you looking for this season?


392 Days to Wedding Day: Engagement Pic Outfits

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Its been a while since I last updated you on the wedding planning. You can find the last post here¬†where I told you I was going to lose weight….yeah. I’ve lost 24 pounds since ordering my wedding dress and it is three sizes too big. Apparently it’s too late to order a new size. I’m looking forward to how that turns out and I’m ready to fight if I have to (they wouldn’t listen to me when I wanted a smaller size).

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….ANYWAYS! Moving on. In less than a month the wedding will be exactly 1 year away! We have the photographer, the caterer, the venue, the bar, the dress, the wedding party! Still lots to do but excitingly we have our engagement photos coming up!! I’ve never stressed so much about my outfit choice though! I want to make sure the focus isn’t on what we are wearing but on us. It seems easy for Corey, but what about me? We’ll be by the water so I want something flowy, but simple. I’ve been browsing online and have created myself a simple little wishlist.

Dresses and/or skirts from places like H&M, RW&CO, Zara, and some great searching at Saks Off Fifth and HR2.

What do you think? I need some help my friends!


Spring 2017 Lookbook

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It’s a new season! My favourite time of year (and it happens 4 times!) I love the change of weather and each and every season I feel a fresh start approaching. It’s as if each and every season is a chance for me to refresh and review. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe. Lately, with trying to save for a wedding and a new house, I’ve taken to really diving into racks and bargain hunting. I’ve had some great luck updating my wardrobe already this season with Winners and Marshall’s! Amazing name brands at perfectly discounted prices! I love it! I could care less about brands though. Just depends on how you dress yourself and how you feel! And I’m feeling fab!

Here are some examples of the looks I’m going for this season and into this summer. Casual, comfortable, but fashionable (Or so I like to think). What have you been looking for this season? Whats your favourite place to shop at reasonable prices?