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Autumn 2016 Style Inspiration

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Summer is coming to an end and sweater weather is coming! It may seem depressing that summer is almost over, but we’re finally on the cusp of my favourite season! It’s two weeks away from back to school time and while I’m not headed that way I know that many of you are packing up your bags and preparing for the dorm life. So it’s time to amp up the wardrobe and start preparing your 2016 Autumn style – here’s what I’ve been taking as inspiration for this coming season.

What have you been loving lately? Where do you get your style inspiration from?



Summer Style Wishlist

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It’s that time of year again! The new season is in full swing and I’ve come to the crashing realization that it’s way past time to add to my wardrobe options for this season! So I take to the internet and get started. Scrolling, screen shot-ing, and creating a wish list for myself that I share with all of you for comments, suggestions, and confirmation that I’m actually as stylish as I seem to think. Seeing as I’ve been working so hard with my personal trainer (she doesn’t know about the beer I’m currently drinking), I feel confident I can pull off a few more of these styles this summer! Time to be adventurous!

  1. ASOS Longline Wrap Front Bandeau Top $78.18
  2. ASOS Curve Shift Dress in Cage Mesh $82.30
  3. OldNavy Chiffon Maxi Dress $17.50 in Black Jas
  4. OldNavy Mid-Rise Pixie Pants $25.50 (ALL COLOURS – perfect pants)
  5. BodyGlove Bralette Bikini Top $49.99
  6. Victoria’s Secret NEW Knockout Front Close Sport’s Bra $35.00
  7. Urban Outfitter’s Out From Under Myra Midi Beach Cover-Up $72.00
  8. Call It Spring Brasi Natural 3 Part Flat Sandal $44.99

See anything you like?


Seeing Clearly with Burberry

DSC_0186DSC_0180As a kid i longed to be able to wear glasses. Some friends had some cool ones, my sister got to wear glasses, and I thought it would be something kinda cool to set me apart. I longed for my optometrist to sigh and say “yes Coleen, you’re in need of glasses”. But alas, they did not. Looking back now I realize I certainly didn’t need something else to set me apart. From my less than coordinated styles, to my tomboyish and bookish ways I certainly wasn’t in need of any more ammo for those classmates of mine – boy were they mean sometimes.

It wasn’t until my third year of university that I realized I just couldn’t see the board as well as I used to. I’d leave lecture squinty-eyed with my head pounding; I’d have a headache more often than not. So my glasses journey began. I set myself on track (with the help of a professional of course) with a pretty small prescription in a cute pair of tortoise-shell brown square frames. The prescription was soon increased and I unfortunately bent the frames (probably sat my fat arse on them). So that’s when I got my new Grand Occhiali frames. I loved  the boldness and the pop of colour I got with both frames, especially when I was wearing such a dull uniform at work every day.

Yet, again, last Fall I had such intense headaches; they’d actually make me sick. At this point I’d moved and it was time to find a new optometrist. Low and behold he told me that my glasses were three times to strong and that I basically didn’t need them! What? Yet I kinda gave into it, I was bored with my glasses. So I went 4 months without, but I struggled with driving. So finally we figured it all out and into my life popped these amazing Burberry glasses. I only where them for driving, the cinema, etc. but I finally feel like I have a pair that actually suit me and represent me in frame form. Aren’t they the sweetest?

And I can finally see headache free! What do you think of these Burberry frames?

My glasses were purchased at A.B.See Optical in Collingwood Ontario! Take a look!!