Destined to Love: When They Do What You Do


Everyone who is in a relationship right now is questioning whether or not their partner is really right for them. You can’t keep having those serious talks about ‘where are we going’ over and over again. So, what happens is we start to pay more attention to the little things as they are what make a person themselves. It could be how they eat their pizza, like taking bites from the corners instead of the tip of the triangle. It may not be something as small as that and you look closer at how speak to you when you are worried about something. Your eyes may widen when they do something that you do, but you tried to hide it from them for fear of them judging you. Something like eating cookie dough straight out of the wrapper or possibly even sharing an OCD issue can make you love them even more. Here are ways in which you could be destined for each other.

Food is love

Cooking for two isn’t easy. You make little sacrifices such as eating something you don’t like but because your partner made it and didn’t know, you tend to just eat it anyway. One of the surefire ways to hurt the feelings of your partner is to reject their cooking, as it is a form of their love for you. However, when you like the same cuisine things get so much simpler and spicier. Liking the same tastes and sharing memories about food you like and how it makes you feel to eat such as food, brings you closer together. This is why food tours are such as big hit with travel agencies now, because couples that love the same food get to have a romantic holiday trying their favorite dishes together.

Deification divulging

For some people, they need to know their partner is like them when it comes to faith. People who are Christian may only want to be with someone that they plan on meeting in heaven. They may want them to be with them during holy festivals and share moments of faith with each other. When you are of the same faith, and this is important to both of you it makes your love a lot deeper. This applies to various faiths which is why some sites for Muslim Dating have popped up lately. No matter you faith is, if you’re both of the same feeling regarding a diety you believe in, your relationship is stronger.

Embarrassing bodies

Whatever happened to the love of being eccentric? There is something about your personality right now, that you do not show to your partner. It could be something so embarrassing that you hope they will never find out. On the other hand, they might have a similar side to themselves. For example, you both may have hair growth where you don’t want it. If you could openly talk about this together, you’ll feel less embarrassed in the bedroom too.

Being exactly the same it just strange. On the other hand, being too far apart is also not healthy. When you can be honest with your partner that maybe you one day plan to marry, you may find out that they also have some embarrassing things or quirks the same as you.


It’s the Small Things that Make You Smile


Sometimes it is necessary to try and look for something to make you smile, and when that is the case the truth is that you should be looking pretty much anywhere and everywhere. As long as you are happy to remember the importance of that, you will find that ti is easy to find things to make you smile wherever you go, so that is something to seriously consider if nothing else. As long as you do that, you will be able to get through your day much more easily, and that is definitely worth doing. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to ensure that you have something to smile about in your daily life as much as possible. This will ensure a much better quality of life on the whole.


There is something about jewelry that for some reason just makes it a particularly special way to smile. If you haven’t bought or been given any jewelry for a while, then you might want to think about doing so. If you are worried about how you will make it work financially, don’t be. The truth is that there is plenty you can do to make sure that you can get hold of a simple sweet little something that will make you smile. It might mean just getting hold of a princess ring or a simple earring, whatever it is doesn’t matter so long as it makes you smile and gives you a little boost. Bear that in mind and you should be able to ensure that you are going to enjoy it all the more, so it’s definitely something to think about if you need a reason to smile.


Sometimes all you need is to find an excuse to be out in nature, and when that feeling arises it is definitely something to think about. Being out in nature is a great way of getting back home to yourself, and that means that you are going to be able to enjoy it all the more as a result as well. If you live near nature, then this should be easy to do – but if not, you might need to purposefully take some time to go out and find somewhere in nature where you can be by yourself in silence for a time. You will find that that really does make things a lot clearer very fast, so it’s definitely a good idea to think about this.


If you consider yourself an avid reader, that too is something you might want to think about in order to try and enjoy life all the more. The truth is that there is great joy in reading, and as long as you are happy to spend some time doing so, you will find that it really does make your quality of life that much better. The right kind of books can even add a certain profundity to your life, so it’s a great idea to make sure that you think about that.

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Wedding More Personal


Weddings are jam packed with traditions. The cake, the first dance, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Some people love tradition and they want their wedding to tick all of those boxes. But half of those traditions are so old that most of us have no idea where they came from. A traditional wedding also doesn’t feel like it’s really personal to you. You’re planning your wedding around traditions that somebody else came up with, rather than thinking about what you and your partner want in a wedding. That’s why more and more people are starting to ignore the traditions and do something a bit different. If you want to do the same, here are some simple ways that you can inject a bit more of your own personality into your wedding.


Gold band with a diamond. That’s a wedding ring. Always has been, always will be. But why? People usually go for that combination because that’s just what wedding rings are. They don’t usually consider anything else. Some people will go for a different stone but they’ll still be going for the classic wedding ring style. That’s fine for a lot of people but that style doesn’t suit everybody and you might not be that bothered about it. So why not try something different. Silicone rings are very popular at the moment because you get so much more choice on colour, rather than just having to go for gold or silver. You can choose colours that have some significance to you as a couple. Whether you just get a band that combines both of your favourite colours, or maybe model it after a sports team that you both follow. The possibilities are endless really, it’s just a nice way to make your rings personal to you, rather than getting the same as everybody else.


Themed weddings are popular at the minute as well. It’s a great way to introduce a shared interest that is important to your relationship. But you’ve got to remember that some of the other guests, particularly older family members, still enjoy some of the wedding traditions. That’s why it’s always a good idea to meet in the middle and combine traditions with your theme. Wedding makeup is a good way to do this. For example, if you love goth fashion you might want to incorporate that somehow. But your grandmother would probably be pretty horrified if you turned up in a black dress. Instead, you can go for a more traditional white dress and use your makeup to incorporate your personal fashion style.

The Cake

The wedding cake is probably one of the best traditions. Who doesn’t like cake? But that doesn’t mean you have to go for the standard 3 tier wedding cake. A lot of people are going for a stack of cupcakes or maybe having one specially made with a crazy design. There are some great cake makers out there that can make a cake look like pretty much anything you want so don’t limit yourself to a boring white cake.

Tradition doesn’t have to go out of the window entirely. You can make these simple changes to find a balance between your personal style and the wedding traditions.